Friday, July 31, 2009

July was pathetic really poker wise. I probably showed a small profit from online tournaments and did qualify for the ipo but i only got in 5k hands at 50nl. I didnt run good and was down 2 buy ins but i really think i can win as the standard doesnt seem to be much better than 25nl. So im hoping to get 15k hands in next month at 2bb/100. I really think i can do it even though this is a pretty busy month for me.
I did win a live tournament last month which was good and am playing fitzpatricks eom tomorrow night so that would be a brilliant start to the month.

August poker goals:
1. 15k hands at 50nl showing a winrate of 2bb/100
2. final table a big field tournament
3. win a live tournament

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Giving in

I just decided to start blogging. I dont know whos even going to read it but anyway im going to try and Write about poker every week. Hopefully it will give me some inspiration to play more and ill become a pro player. Thats the dream.
My poker story started about 1 year ago. I started playing on ftp and had a great start playing sngs and small mtts. For the last 9 months i continued playing sngs and finally i couldnt handle the boredom. I really couldnt play these sngs for more than 2 hours a day. They actuallykilled me a little inside. I took a break from poker and about a month ago i decide id try and start at 25nl and work my up playing cash games. I started off well over 20k hands and won at around 4bb/100 which i was happy with. A couple of days ago i hit a nice score in a tourney and im now properly rolled for 50 nl so ive decided that id start a blog and try and keep track how i get on. Wich me luck!